Our system development experience will impress you

At our core we're a system developer, but we spend much of our time learning and keeping up with technology. This has resulted in experience that in a sense makes us look like a simple app developer.

Most new big systems today have one or several mobile app parts. At the very least, an app connected to a big system can provide swift access to statistics and key data. That is why app development has become such a big part of our business.

Appetin focuses primarily on app development, IoT solutions and fintech. Appetin is a part of Bithack.

Our team can help you with:

  • - Systems architecture, optimization, bug hunting
  • - Databases - MySQL, Postgresql, Aerospike, ElasticSearch, and more.
  • - Backend development - Python, Go (golang), PHP, Google App Engine
  • - Frontend - Java, Swift, C++ (NDK), Objective-C, AngularJS, React, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3,
  • - More advanced systems, C programming for embedded systems, hardware drivers (Linux and FreeBSD)

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App development - IoT development - Fintech development - System development