An app developer with experience

The world's first Android game that hit half a million sales was developed by us. That was in 2011 when the app business was still new, and Google awarded us with a "Top Developer" badge.

That is why you should hire us to be your app developer - we have both the technical knowledge and the practical experience with how to appeal to millions of end users. We might not have built hundreds of apps like some other app developers. Instead, we prefer the big projects that we can dive into with enthusiasm.

Areas of expertise

We are a small team of four developers who all have very broad experience. Each one of us also have an individual special area of expertise.

We primarily develop apps for Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile. But we have do have some experience with less common platforms, like Firefox OS and Tizen.

We can also offer development services within several special areas, i.e.:

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